My new walk in - (video)

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minus the clothing.
so its almost done. I only need to put in my own clothing, and figure out what to do with the makeup/mirror thing... and then some more hangers beside the one that is already there.
so what do you think? does it need some improvements or is it just right? I think i've used the space up, and in a pretty clever way if i skould say so myself.!

oh and ps. that is a freezer! i was only allowed this room if the freezer stayd there.. fine with me!
and the white door, is into my own room, so yes, you have to go through my walk in to get to my room. but that is my little heaven! yay!

am i happy.
I'm VERY happy. thank you for the help dad!

- Nanna


  1. god ide med at lige filme rundt i dit værelse :) kan godt li de farvede bokse.

    Mathias -

  2. Det var lidt en nødløsning da rummet er for lille til at tage ordentlige billeder..

    kasserne er fra TIGER hvis du er interesseret

    . og hygsom blog du har ! :)
    - Nanna