reverse french - guide / tutorial!

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(source... check it out, for serious nail awsomenes... i mean.. like really awsome!)
so I was out today, and found these pretty colors, at a good price.. and since i've been needing black... forever! couldnt resist...
sadly the black is a bit thick.. bit its still all good ! :)
so heres the tutorial!

1) find stickers of a kind.. i used food stickers...
2)trace half moons.. (i used cookie cutters.
3)paint the whole nail with the base color (the one at the bottom)
4) let dry, put sticker on.. and paint second color..
5)before dry peel sticker off, and finish with clear top coat..

and tadaaa!!

Okay so my fingers are small and ugly, and my nails short.. But please dont mind that...

. i think it turned out okay. im really clumsy and some training may help.. ;)
sry for the ugly pics ;)

- so will you be trying this look?
and btw, i was wondering if it would look good matte? what do you think?
, uuhhhh and which colors would you do?

(undskyld alle danske læsere, orker ikke lige at skrive på dansk ;). men håber i forstår engelsk, ellers så taler billederne lidt for sig selv ;)
- vil i prøve det her look? og med hvilke farver)

NOTE: i just realized this cool girl has done something like it too... :) link


  1. They look gorgeous!
    Very Chanel!
    I really don't have a steady hand enough to do that, but I really love them!
    I think they would look even better matte. :)

  2. I love that! I'm also doing that type of manicure!;)

  3. lovely nails (:
    And lovely blog...'

  4. @freya! oh im really clumpsy and when i consentrate my left hand starts shaking... so you can def. do this too ;)

    @Kasia, thank you, and i can'øt wait to see it then :)

    @amalie: Mange tak, og i lige måde!