which one is better?

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So as i told you yesterday, i had some cleaning to do. but as usual when i need to clean, i do everything else. so i started playing around (notice the mess of my room haha)
so looking at the top part. with the shirt/cardi mix. i've liked the combo, but i dont know how i would wear it...
so what do you think which is better (or which is worst) A or B?
the one at the Left/ at the top is A
the one on the right/at the bottom is B


  1. Thanks for your comment! I like it better, when you close your blouse, so B! But I think without the scarf, it would look better :)
    What about following each other?!xoxo


  2. I like both ways! If I had to choose I would go for the second one which is a little bit sophisticated chic.