I like - french woman mentallity!

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"the way to shop…

If she can’t afford it, she won’t buy it. If it doesn’t fit (or make her feel good, or flaunt what she’s got), she won’t wear it. If she can’t find it, she won’t compromise. If she loves it, she won’t toss it. She reuses it, rethinks it, lets it age.

When a French girl shops, it isn’t a solitary act of buying something new. It’s part of a lifelong process of editing her environment, making small but meaningful additions to her home, her closet, her life.

When you shop like a French girl, you buy only one of anything – and make sure it’s the best quality you can afford."

fra denne bog// from this book

- jeg kan godt li den første del!, og overholder den! men den sidste del, skal nok komme en dag, når det ikke er min SU som betaler ;)  // i like the first part, and follow it!.. but the last part ill follow when i can afford to ;)

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